I’d like to extend a big thanks on behalf of everyone at flatrate to all the folk who came down to the 13th Note last night for Initial Itch’s election special. It was an eventful evening indeed, with some great debate and comment – I wish we’d had more time and thanks again for making it the engaged evening it was. There’s a wee review up on the skinny blog here if you’re interested.

Congratulations to Anas Sarwar, who, suprise suprise, has now been duly elected as our representative in parliament. Again, a specific thanks to all the candidiates who came down: you’re all welcome to get back up on our stage anytime you like, just drop us a line. Anas has promised to come back and answer more questions now he’s in power, which is nice of him. I’ll save proper commentary on the political implications of thursday’s national result to the experts, but, if you’re asking, my inklings at the moment are that a) we’re a fucked but that might be a good thing, and b) it’s always a good time to take to the streets.

In other news, if you’re a Sarah Kane fan, you’d do well to check this out. STaG are staging Kane’s contraversial Cleansed this week in the GUU, and I’m always up for some violence and nihilism. Don’t know about you.

The website is still under construction: Expect more details and fun things on the proper pages soon. Also, we have a couple of other projects we’re brewing up at the moment, so stay tuned to flatratestate.com for more news.

much love


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