Hi, and welcome to the first instalment of an ongoing blog about Flatrate‘s new community theatre project in Milton. We’ll be using this blog to document everything we get up to in Milton, where we’re hoping to put on a major performance come the spring – more specific info can be found here.
Tomorrow night, Saturday 5th November, we’ll be making our way to Milton to take part in the celebrations for bonfire night – apparently it’s generally a fairly big affair in the community there so we’ll be excited to meet a lot of folk for the first time and spread the word about our first workshop next Saturday at Bothy 75. We’ll also be setting off some Chinese lanterns for folk who want to make a wish, so if you’d like to pop down and help out we would love to see you there – just get in touch.
Last weekend, we drove up to Milton to have a chat with Lee Ivett, one of the leaders of the community activty at Love Milton. We were introduced to Chris, an artist attached to the church there who gave us some great ideas. Together, Lee gave us a short tour of the area, pointing out some of the places that might make for exciting performance, and giving us alot of ideas. We also dropped in on the North Glasgow Community Food Initiative who were holding their AGM at the newly established community garden on Liddesdale Road. It was great to see the things that have been built by people in Milton already – the community garden is an inspiring project – and it made us eager to get back, get involved, and meet more people on Saturday.
Hope to see you there!

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