So since last Saturday was bonfire night we decided to go to Milton to make some new friends and launch our new project. We’d found a source of cheap paper lanterns which we figured would go down a treat.

We’d heard about the bonfire through people at Love Milton, and figured it would make an excellent place to launch the project and tell a few folk who weren’t involved already about what we were doing. We set off a few lanterns, handed out a few flyers and got chatting to people,who were for the most part very friendly! The bonfire itself was spectacular and there were some pretty impressive fireworks.

It’s another example of something we’ve come across before since getting to know Milton – this was community activity organised by local people for local people without the council or any other organised institution in sight. People wanted a bonfire, so they’d built one. They found the wood, they bought the fireworks, they made it all happen themselves. You could see this as sad – certainly it couldn’t be described as safe and you’d think this kind of community gathering is the kind of thing that should be supported by the authorities / the powers that be. But I found that this glimpse of Milton’s DIY side was a little bit inspiring. If people can get together to do this off their own backs – what else could they do?

Having said that, we’re still very much in the beginning stages of this project and, If I’m honest, last weekend we felt very conspicuously like outsiders, with a lot to learn. Hopefully in the coming months that will change, but at the moment, we have no idea how that change is going to take place or what it will look like (which is sort of exciting).

We will be back in Milton this Saturday, at the Bothy 75 cafe, collecting stories and trying to make a map of Milton. If you want to help or you have anything to contribute, please drop in – we’ll be very happy to see you.


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