Initial Itch

Initial Itch was an ongoing project that is currently on an indefinite hiatus while we focus on our new endeavour, Pilot.

The information below is therefore out of date, but it’s here for posterity. If you’d like any more information, follow us on facebook or twitter and we’ll keep you updated.

Initial Itch at the 13th Note

Every month, at the 13th Note cafe in Glasgow, we put on an informal evening of spoken word / music / scratch performance / poetry / debate / dance / film / entertainment by emerging artists who want to try new material, and every week, on, we make a little radio show of similar things.


Fundamentally, Initial Itch is an experimental venture: that is; we enshrine the right to fail. How else does a performer discover what works? We want, above all, to create a performance enviroment that is both supportive for artists and entertaining for audiences. On top of this, it’s also a space for like-minded artists to meet and seed collaborations. We think we’ve hit upon a great way to do all this, and hope you’ll agree.

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