About Us

Flatrate started life as a company dedicated to staging work wherever we could, in a spirit of collaboration and experimentation. Wherever we could turned out to be the front rooms and kitchens of our Glasgow tenement flats. Hence the name. We wanted to make work; we wanted to share it with others; we wanted to find out what they thought. Since then, our productions and experiments gradually escalated into other spaces around the city and beyond. We became an informal umbrella for the arts in Glasgow.


Initial Itch Live at the 13th Note Cafe | Photo: Sophie Malleson


Initial Itch started life in a living room – the idea being to simply get together once a month and share whatever we’d been working on (poems, songs, plays, rants, anythings). It subsequently found a home at the 13th Note Cafe, a basement music venue in the merchant city. Since moving to the 13th Note in 2008, the night became a lot of things. It was a cabaret – an informal evening of artists and performers from all walks of life and all stripes of art – but it was also a meeting place – a site for socialising and debate. Initial Itch expanded into a weekly radio show broadcast on Subcity.org, providing a platform for emerging artists as well as a roundup of the week’s culture in Glasgow.


Pilot @ The CCA Terrace Bar | Image: Rob Jones


Pilot was project we were commissioned to produce by the CCA, taking up residence in the terrace bar each month and producing a crowd-sourced podcast of the best the Glasgow arts scene has to offer. Pilot emerged out of three years of making radio on Subcity and producing events at the 13th Note Cafe. It was inspired by the outpouring of public support that happened over potential cuts to 6 Music, Asian Network and the World Service. We wanted to harness that energy and enthusiasm for radio by letting the audience drive our new show. Building on lessons learned on the Initial Itch project, we created a new forum for art and debate, that existed as a live event and online. You can listen to and download the podcasts here. We’d love your thoughts and input on the project – just send an email to colin[at]flatratestate[dot]com.


Dol Eoin in The Belief Project at the Tron Theatre | Photo: Sophie Malleson


Our other projects ranged from staging modern classics to promoting new writers, producing bespoke productions in professional theatres as well as more unlikely spaces. In the past we have worked at the Ramshorn, the Arches, and the Tron Theatre, among others. If you’d like to get involved, if you have work you’d like developed or produced, or if you’re looking for more experience in your field, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


As a company, we thrive on voices. We want to hear yours.


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