Here are a few links to other places on the internet we reckon are probably worth your while. They’re even organised into sections! Lucky you! Have a browse around and remember – tell them who sent you.

People We've Worked With

The All Day Cheeky Breakfast boys know how to have a good time. The Impenetrable Click do funny things. Words Per Minute do indeed spout verbiage at an alarming and wonderful rate. Gareth K Vile always has an opinion or two for you. Cara Berger and Julia Warnemuende make breathtaking Image Theatre. Gappad are a Polish/Glaswegian company with a real flair for physical work.  Victoria Beesley is an actress and community organiser of an incredibly high calibre. Dòl Eoin and Macanta make really good music that is sometimes sung in Gaelic. Makeshift Broadcast don’t broadcast makeshifts – they do in fact create excellent theatre. Love Milton are doing excellent things in Milton, Glasgow. Subcity Radio is always worth a listen. And The Glasgow Short Film Festival does pretty much what it says on the tin (they do that very well, mind you).

If we’ve worked with you before, or you’ve performed at Pilot or Initial Itch, and you have a website we can link to, please do get in touch and we’ll put it up here!

Venues We've Worked With
We have produced events at venues including the Tron Theatre (who stage possibly the widest variety of theatre-y events in Glasgow and are always worth a visit), The Arches (which is probably the coolest place on earth – we feel a little embarrassed just being in the building, frankly), The Forest Café (who are still fighting their unjust closure – watch this space), The CCA (with a terrace bar second to none), The Ramshorn (which is now very sadly closed), The 13th Note Café (you have to check out their veggie burgers – not to mention the non-stop line-up of musical talent), and The Berkeley Suite (we like their wallpaper) as well as in various Bedrooms, Nooks and Crannies in and around Glasgow.

Get in touch if you’d like us to produce an event for you.

Our Social Media Faces

If it takes your fancy, you can receive regular updates from us and let us know what’s on your mind through the following nifty social media channels: We have accounts on facebook, twitter, central station, soundcloud and vimeo. We like staying in touch, so do keep us up to date on what you’re up to too.

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