Backbone and Navel

#1: @ GTAC for the NTS’s Five Minute Theatre Project | 22nd June 2011

#2: @ The Tron Theatre for Refugee Week Scotland | 23rd June 2011

Holding her belly, a woman stumbles away from the noise and the fury, leaving a trail of fading foot prints for the first hundred yards, as she makes it to the tree-line she feels her baby kick. It’s the first time she’s felt it, but, suppressing joy – no time for that – she runs.

Backbone and Navel is a collaboration commissioned by Flatrate for Five Minute Theatre and Refugee Week, pulling together two artists from different disciplines to respond to a short story by Stephen Redman. Directed by Cara Berger, the piece will be performed by Sarah Cassidy, a comedian making her first foray into contemporary performance.

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