The Zeros Keep Going

The Zeros Keep Going@ Tron Theatre | February 2010

In 1982, Snuff, a film in which a woman was brutally murdered for man’s sexual gratification, was distributed in Britain. Things have come a long way since then.

The Zeros Keep Going describes a search for freedom at a time where personal freedom is everywhere, porn makes $3075.65 per second and feminism is just over there. This is 2009 and the zeros are over…

“Strong, witty and sometimes full of elemental power; as if this story had unleashed a debate that goes beyond our own time, to some deep conflict between the ancient human yearning for decency, sweetness and order, and the savage Dionysian impulse that tells us to grab our extreme pleasures when we can – for tomorrow, we die.”

- Joyce McMillan in The Scotsman (****)


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Gareth K Vile in The Skinny
Joyce McMillan in The Scotsman
Neil Cooper in The Herald
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